“The Office of the Third Sector is doing something right (yes we really said it!)”

Not my words, but the Directory of Social Change! DCS’s news pages carry an article about a new OTS guidance for funders called Principles of Proportionate Monitoring and Reporting. It also has the merit of being just two pages long. The idea is that funders and recipients of funding incorporate the 12 principles into their own practices to reduce effort and costs for all concerned.  OTS says it is working with other central government departments to ensure the principles are ‘embedded’ in funding programmes – but so far hasn’t explained precisely what this entails. DSC says, “Why leave it all up to them?” and recommends:

  • Bringing the guidance to statutory funders’ attention
  • Including copies with your next monitoring reports
  • Highlighting the principles in any conversations with funders about monitoring and reporting – especially if you are at the beginning of a funding agreement or an existing agreement is set to renew or change

Good ideas.

  1. Charles Rapson Reply

    Common sense finally. My opinion of the OTS just went up a notch. But, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I agree with the sentiment that we all have a role to play in promoting this – not just the OTS

  2. Jackie Moore Reply

    what an excellent idea and i will refrain from screaming “about time”
    I am in agreement with Charles, we do all have a role to play, and a very important one, bid writers need to be clear about outcomes, funders need to be clear about expectations and project managers need to be clear about monitoring processes, allow me to share some “good practice” I am responsible for monitoring the outcomes of 5 projects one of them is a small fund available through an application process in terms of monitoring the grants gven I have designed a workshop that sets out clearly the timetable, expectations and more importantly what evidence to collect. I even provide a folder containing all the required paperwork and templates the workshop last for 1 hour and saves days at the end of grant as i do not have to chase evidence. this would also make life a little easier for a project manager taking responsibility for a project that is already in full swing.

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