Livity co-founder says social enterprise sector spends too much time talking to itself

Third Sector Online has an interesting piece by Sam Conniff, co-founder of social enterprise Livity. Conniff says that for too long the social enterprise sector has been talking to itself. The sector is “losing out on a lot of business because it lacks the confidence to raise its profile outside the public sector” he says, and needs to dramatically improve its marketing and communications.

Conniff welcomes O2’s announcement that it intends to do more to support social enterprise, including developing services specifically aimed at the sector.

  1. Paul Kalinauckas Reply

    Enterprise is a good news story. We get loads of good PR.

  2. Charles Rapson Reply

    I agree with Sam Conniff. The public dont understand the concept of Social Enterprise. All they understand is a good company with good products, value for money and good ethics & values. That’s all Jamie Olivers “fifteen” is to them.

    Bold Marketing & PR to sell your service (not the sector or concept) is best way forward

  3. Mark Ellerby Reply

    I agree with Charles’ comments. All businesses, including Social Enterprises, have to be good at selling their products and services to their customers: private, public and/or statutory.

    However, many private sector companies fail because they don’t get it right – Woolworths for example – so we shouldn’t assume that the private sector has all the answers either!

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