iSE launches ‘boot camp’ to fast-track social enterprise start-up

Responding to a surge in demand for help in starting up social enterprises, iSE has launched a series of ‘Boot Camps’ aimed at giving budding social entrepreneurs a fast track to acquiring the knowledge and skills they need.

The Boot Camps will involve one day’s intensive training, with pre- and post training support, and are designed to assist anyone with an idea for a social enterprise to develop it into a practical plan to start and sustain a business.

The conventional wisdom has tended to be that SE development needs to be gradual, moving at the pace best suited to that which the group can manage.

But the boot camp approach is short, sharp and intensive — in many ways about seizing the moment. Which is precisely what iSE’s chief exec Sarah Crawley thinks is necessary:

“The Big Society agenda has put the spotlight on social enterprises and community delivery programmes, while public sector spending cuts have prompted people being made redundant to think about a change of direction.  There is currently a real opportunity for social enterprises to start trading and pick up contracts for the delivery of a wide range of services, including many which have up to now been delivered directly by Local Authorities or Primary Care Trusts.  With much public sector funding coming to an end in March 2011, now is the time for anyone who has been considering setting up a social enterprise to act.”

iSE’s Boot Camps will run at venues across the region from January 2011.  To find out more, or to book a place, call 0121 771 1411 or click here.

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