Finditinbirmingham breakfast event — ‘you tell us’

The business opportunities and networking portal Finditinbirmingham is holding its next networking breakfast on Thursday 3rd March (details below).  There will be a roving mic’ Q&A session during which you can tell the FIIB folks precisely how you want the website to work. Register to attend on the Finditinbirmingham website.

Register to attend on the Finditinbirmingham website.

  1. chris newis Reply

    There is going to be real pain and hardship among third sector workers who’s contracts are finishing in March or who have been made redundant. We need to put together a network of support to support people over the worst of times.
    During the recession in the 90’s some of us helped redundant workers start co-operatives. This was as much about social solidarity as it was business advice and it helped a lot of people who would otherwise have been left to their own devices.
    We are facing a backlash with private sector bosses saying that public sector (and by implication third sector workers) lack transferable skills for the private sector. (CIPD website). It’s not sufficient to keep our heads down and hope it goes away.

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