Counselling Practice Building Conference 13th June Birmingham


Counselling Practice Building Conference Birmingham
Friday June 13th 9.30-4.30

Venue: Concept Conference Centre (5 minutes walk from main New Street Station)

Martin Hogg MBACP, Citizen Coaching CIC

Get New Clients: What’s Working Across the UK
Martin will be hosting the day and reporting on the latest and greatest that counsellors and therapists are using to get new clients across the UK.

Martin will be presenting his latest research on ‘Why people don’t buy counselling’, ‘new niches”, working with the military and how to get your website higher up the search engines without breaking the bank!

Terry Rigby from Forward For Life

Suicide Prevention Suicide is one of the last big taboos in modern day society – a phenomenon that effects so many people in our communities in so many ways and yet has not been tackled by our communities. This needs to change.
As a former NHS Commissioner, Terry commissioned a range of innovative wellbeing services across Birmingham.

Heather Matuozzo from Clouds End CIC Hoarding Disorder: Facts and Fiction

Heather has taken part in BBC’s documentaries ‘Britain’s Biggest Hoarders’ and is an associate trainer for MIND. Heather has always had a fascination with the kind of things people collect. She explains how both of her Aunties were hoarders. “I found it joyous as a child. They taught me about going to jumble sales and rooting through the items on sale for ‘treasures’. Yet I always wanted to tidy up when I visited – they just laughed!”

Mark Ellerby – PSIAMS and Cloudberry Well Being and measurement in a changing NHS

Mark has a unique insight into the changing nature of the NHS and the future challenges for Counselling and Well-Being services. Mark developed PSIAMS, an intervention and outcomes based system that has the whole person at its core – it uses a social triage approach to support moving the customer towards independence,self sustainability and building social capital. PSIAMS has been developed by Cloudberry Innovation and Development and is now part of a new partnership between Cloudberry, Dudley CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) and Dudley CVS (Dudley Council for Voluntary Service)

It’s always a challenge to develop a Private Counselling and Therapy Practice. Add to that the isolation that many solo practitioners report and you have a difficult task to keep abreast of the latest trends and changes that affect Private Practitioners. If you are a counsellor, therapist or coach this one day conference will help you with your marketing and services.

Our 2014 Practice Building Conference on Friday June 13th 2014 in Birmingham City Centre seeks to address this by sharing what’s working for counsellors and therapists up and down the country so you can learn from others and avoid the pitfalls.

During the day we will cover:

  • Working with veterans and the military
  • Developments in online and telephone counselling
  • How to get funding to work with clients
  • Opportunities developing from a changing NHS
  • New emerging niches and therapeutic coaching
  • The correct way to write your directory entry
  • How to get clients through Linkedin and Social Media
  • How to get your website onto the first page of Google and other search engines
  • How to join our 90 Day Practice Building Challenge

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