Community projects crowdfunding idea spreads to Sandwell

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The People’s Orchestra is holding Sandwell’s first SOUP session on the 16th June at West Bromwich Town Hall, starting at 2pm.

SOUP is a community micro-granting project that started in Detroit and has had massive take up in the UK as well. While sharing food, donating for a bowl, attendees listen to up to four projects that will affect the community in some way, whether this is the people, the environment, or the way the community engages.

Previously successful projects from Birmingham SOUP include: cardboard beds for the homeless, a community urban farm, bicycle regeneration and many many more.

The People’s Orchestra would like to start this trend in Sandwell as well. Anyone with a great idea is eligible to submit a proposal, which you can do here.

This is a purely charitable event and The People’s Orchestra benefits in no way, except the honour of seeing a great project from start to finish over time.

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