City Drive partners with Grant Thornton to host “Leading the Way” event

City Drive week has always been a catalyst for bringing private sector organisations, public sector commissioners and social enterprises together and creating great conversations.

For City Drive 2017, we are delighted that Grant Thornton are hosting a high-value evening of networking and TED style talks that will stimulate enterprising leaders across all sectors as we explore what it means, and the benefits of, an ‘inclusive economy’. Thursday 6th April from 6pm until 8.30pm.

Grant Thornton has launched an exciting initiative across the UK, ‘Vibrant Economy’, that seeks to bring together all demographics, both business and social, to look at how we can achieve so much more when we work together.

Becky Eagle, Head of Commercial Audit for Grant Thornton, will be our first ‘TED Talker’ and share some of the findings form the Vibrant Economy Live Labs that have been taking place, and reflect on the Grant Thornton values-led culture that is a business imperative for CEO Sacha Romanovitch.

Martin Hogg, Founder of Citizen Coaching CIC will describe his journey from lone entrepreneur to a social enterprise ‘placeshaper’ and his view importance of social enterprises in growing the regional social economy.

As a relatively new ‘fourth sector’, we know we can make a difference. By harnessing the passion to ‘do more good’, whether it’s in how we manage our businesses, opening up recruitment to see the potential of the individual in front of us, improving how staff are supported and improving talent retention, to managing waste and reducing emissions… we can all ‘lead the way’ and realise the shared potential of businesses, cities, people and communities across the UK.

Come and join the conversation at “Leading the Way” hosted by Grant Thornton.


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