City Drive — Be the Board event

A brand-new event for City Drive 2017 is Be the Board on Thursday 6th April 10am – 12noon hosted by The Women’s Enterprise Hub.

This interactive event is for early start social enterprises or those who would like to gain more experience of board meetings, strategic planning and decision making.

The topic for ‘Be the Board’ is expansion and business growth.

The Board will investigate, discuss and deliberate a growth strategy, a challenge faced by many social enterprises.

As a ‘Board member for the day’, you will have the chance to engage with other social entrepreneurs, work together and challenge each other to get to a good solution for the social business.

  • You will look at the costs involved, the social value and what difference it will make to the existing business.
  • You will have decided the best way to monitor social impact and social value.


At the end of the workshop you, the Board, will have made the decision as to whether the social enterprise should expand.

This will be a lively workshop, with ‘the Board’ having the final say!

Please do come and join us at the Women’s Enterprise Hub where you will be able to engage with like-minded individuals and add your views to a situation which could turn into a reality.

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