Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade puts tackling youth unemployment at the top of its agenda

Birmingham Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade is putting the creation of jobs for young people at the top of its agenda and is using social enterprise to do this.

At the heart of the organisation’s Grow-A-Job campaign is a relatively simple idea. We all at various times donate clothes to charity shops — or increasingly have them collected from our doorsteps. But did you know that these collections are done largely by commercial companies and that the charities they act on behalf of get only about 10% of the value of the donated clothes? That’s right. 100 black bags of donated clothes are wroth nearly £600, but charities are paid about one-tenth of this.

If everyone in Birmingham who normally donates clothes gives these to the Grow-A-Job scheme instead, then the Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade can help create new jobs for young people by putting every pound to work in the cause of youth employment.

Click here to read how the Grow-A-Job scheme works.

And click here to read a Christmas message from Ann Reaney at the Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade — Ann will visit your office, company, community group, voluntary organisation or social enterprise to tell you more about how they are using social enterprise to create opportunities for young people both in the UK and overseas.

  1. Kirsty Tracey Reply

    Brilliant campaign for a great cause.

    It now has a Facebook page:

    And Twitter page:

    So please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ and get involved.

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