Blair says “I’m a social entrepreneur now”

Well, here’s another slant on the kind of issue we have been discussing here

The Sunday Times website has an absolutely excoriating piece by John Arlidge called What Tony Blair did next after Downing Street. It’s about Blair’s globe-trotting ‘good works’, his commercial consultancy and his so-called philanthropy. Amazingly, Blair has the brass balls to claim: “I’m a social entrepreneur now. I can engineer social change on my own terms, outside of a big government bureaucracy.”

Blair’s money-making includes £2m a year to provide ‘global strategic advice’ to JPMorgan, a similar amount from Zurich Financial Services, in addition to contracts secured by his commercial consultancy group, Tony Blair Associates, which advises Mubadala, the state-owened Abu Dhabi investment and development company, and the Kuwait government.

Blair is estimated to have made £15m since leaving office. Is he a philanthropist, Arlidge wonders, a social entrepreneur unfettered by stifling bureaucracy, or a hustler on the make with his three USPs of “good governance, hard cash and religion”?

The story is also reported — somewhat more mildly — in the  Financial Times, but read The Sunday Times version — it’s genuinely extraordinary stuff. The Blair Rich Project.

  1. Jeff Mowatt Reply

    Perhaps not, when the implications of this relationship are understood.

    Working as we do in Ukraine, to raise awareness of vulnerable children in state care, also aware that acknowledging the severity of this problem would present an obstruction to EU membership, it could be said that TB is no friend to social enterprise.

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