Social enterprise in Birmingham

Birmingham has a major concentration of social enterprises

Birmingham has probably the greatest concentration of social enterprises outside of London. As well as being dispersed across all parts of the city, there are also distinct ‘clusters’ emerging in some particular parts of the city, such as Digbeth.

Size of social enterprises in Birmingham

Most social enterprises in Birmingham and Solihull fall into the ‘small businesses’ category, employing up to around 50 staff. Some, but probably relatively few, employ more people than this. We estimate that the largest are around the 80-100 staff mark. In terms of turnover, the vast majority are in the £100K to £1m band, but there are larger enterprises that exceed this.

Social enterprises are active in virtually all sectors of the economy but are particularly involved in

» Health and social care (one of the largest sectors).

» Training.

» Counselling and advice services.

» Services for disabled people, the elderly, children, families and young people.

» Catering and conference facilities.

» Environmental, recycling and horticultural services.

» Social housing and regeneration.

» Employment support and guidance.

Other facts & figures

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